Extruded Bamboo Tube / Corrugated Tube

  • Extruded bamboo/Extruded corrugated finned tubes are tupes of  heat exchanger tubes.

  • Extruded Bamboo Fin Tubes are made from a combination of bamboo and aluminum. The process involves extruding aluminum into a tube and inserting small pieces of bamboo into the tube. Among them, bamboo is used as the fin material.

  • Extruded corrugated finned tubes have a plurality of fins or ridges extruded on the outer surface. This finned tube is formed by continuous extrusion of metal through a specially designed die. This process produces precise and uniform fins.

  • Extruded Bamboo Tube / Corrugated Tube
  • Extruded Bamboo Tube / Corrugated Tube

Specification of  Extruded bamboo tube / corrugated tube

Fin/Tube MaterialCarbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel,etc
Tube Material : SA179/A179,SA210/A210,SA334/A334,SA213/A213,SA312/A312,SA789/A789,SB111/B111,SB338/B338,etc
For different materials pls contact us
Fin TypeBmboo/CorrugatedTube Diameter16-51mm
Fin Inch8-30per inchTube Wall Thickness1.24-11.07mm
Fin Height<2.5mmUnfinned AreaACCORDING TO CLIENT'S REQUEST
Fin Thickness0.2-0.4mm

It is possible to produce these types of finned tubes with different materials and dimensions, on customer request. 

Extruded bamboo tube / corrugated tube Properties and Uses

Extruded corrugated tube has two material:

1.Polyethylene (PE): Bellows are usually made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE) because of their excellent chemical resistance and flexibility.

2. Polypropylene (PP): Some bellows are made of polypropylene, which has good heat resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.

Corrugated tube are highly flexible and easy to install and operate. Due to the material, they are lightweight and easy to handle and transport. Extruded bamboo tube are also lightweight,strong and durable, with high tensile strength,The unique corrugated structure provides strength and rigidity, making the pipe resistant to bending and extrusion. Additionally, corrugated tubes exhibit excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, including acids, bases, solvents, oils, and fuels;extruded bamboo tubes' low thermal conductivity makes them good insulating materials and they are are resistant to moisture and fungal rot.  

These two types of tubes can be used in various industries such as applications on electrical conduits, Drainage systems, automotive industry, plumbing systems, agricultural and irrigation systems, etc.

Highlight of  Extruded bamboo tube / corrugated tube

  • Extruded bamboo fin tubes offer a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional finned tubes.The use of bamboo also brings additional benefits such as enhanced corrosion resistance, reduced noise levels and improved energy efficiency,provide good thermal performance while being environmentally friendly.  

  • The design of  fins of extruded corrugated fin tubes not only helps to increase the heat transfer rate, but also increases the structural strength of the finned tubes, making them more resistant to external forces and vibrations.

  • These finned tubes are commonly used in various industries,are a versatile and sustainable building material with excellent physical properties, chemical resistance, and broad uses in architecture and design.