Extruded Low Fin Tube / T Type Fin Tube

Low Finned tube/Extruded T type finned tubes are commonly used in various industries for efficient heat transfer heat exchange tubes,such as air coolers, heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers, where efficient heat transfer is crucial. 

Low Finned tube is a finned tube obtained through plastic cold deformation. These tubes are made by continuous extrusion of aluminum or copper alloys over a core tube.

Extruded T type finned tubes are made by extruding solid fin strips on a special machine capable of making T-profiles. And then T-fin strips are tightly wound around the outer surface of the base tube to form a continuous helically finned tube.

  • Extruded Low Fin Tube / T Type Fin Tube
  • Extruded Low Fin Tube / T Type Fin Tube

Specification of  Extruded low fin tube / T type fin tube

Fin/Tube MaterialCarbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel,etc
Tube Material : SA179/A179,SA210/A210,SA334/A334,SA213/A213,SA312/A312,SA789/A789,SB111/B111,SB338/B338,etc
For different materials pls contact us
Fin TypeLow / T type Tube Diameter10-60mm
Fin Inch8-40Tube Wall Thickness1.24-11.07mm
Fin Height<1.6mmUnfinned AreaACCORDING TO CLIENT'S REQUEST
Fin Thickness0.2-0.4mm

It is possible to produce these types of finned tubes with different materials and dimensions, on customer request. 

Extruded low fin tube / T type fin tube Properties and Uses

The main tube material of extruded low-finned tube and T-shaped finned tube is the same as the fin material, usually corrosion-resistant material, such as stainless steel (typically SS304, SS316 or SS316L), copper or copper alloy.

Extruded low-fin tubes have fins raised from the surface of the base tube using an extrusion process. The fins of T-finned tubes are welded or brazed to the outer surface of the base tube, forming a T-shaped cross-section.

Material selection for extruded low-finned tubes and T-finned tubes ensures good corrosion resistance in a variety of environments including acidic or alkaline solutions, seawater, high temperature applications. Additionally, these tubes are compatible with a variety of heat transfer fluids such as water, steam, gases and refrigerants. 

Extruded low fin tube and T type fin tube are commonly used in various industries, including power generation, heat exchangers, and HVAC systems,air conditioning systems, boilers, and condensers.

Highlight of C70600 Copper Alloy Steel Tube

1. Enhanced heat transfer: The main advantage of this type of finned tube is to improve heat transfer efficiency.

2. Compact design: The compact size makes it ideal for applications where space is limited or a compact heat exchanger is required.

3. Increased strength and durability: Compared with other types of finned tubes, the extrusion process makes it stronger and more durable. This allows them to withstand higher operating pressures and temperatures for demanding industrial applications.

4. Reduces fouling, thereby reducing maintenance requirements and increasing the overall efficiency and life of the heat exchanger.

5. Cost-effective solution: Its increased efficiency and durability help reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs in the long run.