ASME SB111 C70600 Tube Copper-nickel alloy that resists seawater corrosion and has high antifouling properties against marine microorganisms. You can find ASTM B111 tubes using ASME SB111 alloy are widely used in shipbuilding repair, petrochemical, natural gas, and other marine engineering and related industries. ASME SB111 materials, like SB111 C7060, have good corrosion resistance, especially in seawater.

ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 Tubes Provided By Yuhong

ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 Copper Alloy Steel Tube
YUHONG GROUP provides the best ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 tubes including straight tube, U tube for heat exchanger, boiler, and superheater.
ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 Copper Alloy Steel Tube

ASTM B111 Tubes Features

  • The characteristics of ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 copper alloys are mainly good electrical and thermal conductivity and have a certain strength (higher than aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys). You can find ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 tubes widely used in electronic power and other fields with high electrical conductivity requirements, such as various electrodes, electrical contacts, and high-strength wires;

  • The ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 tubes are also used in fields with high heat dissipation requirements such as heat dissipation components or devices, such as molds, thermonuclear reactor radiators, air conditioning condenser pipes, etc.

ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 Tubes Specifications

ASTM B111 SpecificationASTM B111/ASME SB111
ASTM B111 Copper&Copper Alloy Tube TypeCondensers, Evaporators, Heat Exchangers
ASTM B111 Tube Size in Outside DiameterUp to 3 1⁄8 in. [80 mm] inclusive
ASTM B111 Tubing LengthUp to 6 mater,custom cut lengths
ASTM B111 Heat Exchanger Tube ThicknessUp to 0.120 inch[3 mm] inclusive

ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 Tubes Material Chemical Composition

UNS No.ASTM B111 Copper&Copper Alloy Tube (%)
CuNi Incl CoTiAlLead MaxFeZnMnAsOther Named Elements
C4430070.0-73.0...0.9-1.2...0.070.06 maxreminder...0.02-0.06...
C6870076.0-79.04.8-6.2...1.8- maxreminder...0.02-0.06...
C70600reminder9.0-11.0......0.051.0-1.81.0 max1.0 max......
C71500reminder29.0-33.0......0.050.4-1.01.0 max1.0 max.....,
C71640reminder29.0-33.0......0.051.7-2.31.0 max1.5-2.5...C.06 max S.03

ASTM B111/ ASME SB111 Tubes Material Tensile Requirement

UNS No.Temper DesignationTensile StrengthYield StrenghElongation
CodeNamemin MPamin MPain 50mm min%

ASTM B111 Material Equivalent Standard

Product DescriptionASTM B111JIS H3300DIN
Admiralty Brass Tube/PipeC44300C4430TDIN17660 CuZn28SnI
Al-Brass Tube/PipeC67800C6870TDIN 17660 CuZn20Al2
Copper Nickel 90/10 Tube/PipeC70600C7060TDIN 17664 CuNi10FeMn
Copper Nickel 70/30 Tube/PipeC71500C7150TDIN17664 CuNi30MnFe

ASTM B111 ASME SB 111 Tubes Typical Applications

ASTM B111 and ASME SB 111 are specifications that define the requirements for seamless copper and copper alloy tubes used in various applications. These ASTM b111 tubes are typically utilized in industries such as plumbing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), refrigeration, and heat exchangers. Here are some typical applications of ASTM B111/ASME SB 111 tubes:

Plumbing Systems: Copper tubes specified under ASTM B111/ASME SB 111 are commonly used in plumbing systems for transporting water and other fluids. They are resistant to corrosion, have excellent heat transfer properties, and are relatively easy to install.

HVAC and Refrigeration: Copper asme sb111 tubes are widely employed in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems due to their excellent thermal conductivity. These tubes efficiently carry refrigerants, allowing for effective heat exchange and temperature regulation.

Heat Exchangers: ASTM B111/ASME SB 111 tubes find extensive use in heat exchangers where the transfer of heat between two fluids is required. Their high thermal conductivity ensures efficient heat transfer, making heat exchanger pipes suitable for applications in power plants, chemical processing plants, and industrial machinery.

Oil and Gas Industry: oil field tubing specified under these standards is used in the oil and gas industry for applications such as oil coolers and hydraulic lines. Their corrosion resistance and ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures make them suitable for these demanding environments.

Shipbuilding and Marine Applications: Copper asme sb111 tubes are employed in shipbuilding and marine applications due to their resistance to corrosion in seawater. They are used for various purposes, including piping systems, heat exchangers, and condensers.

Electrical Applications: Copper tubes specified under ASTM B111/ASME SB 111 are also used in electrical applications where their excellent electrical conductivity is required. They are used in busbars, conductors, and other components of electrical systems.

It is important to note that the specific application of ASTM B111/ASME SB 111 tubes may vary depending on the alloy composition and specific requirements of the industry or application. Copper alloy tube manufacturers and engineers typically select the appropriate copper alloy and tube dimensions based on the intended use and the operating conditions of the system.