Heat Exchanger Parts —— Tubesheet

What is tubesheet?

Tubesheet is a plate that serves as a support for multiple tubes in a heat exchanger or a boiler. It is typically made of metal and is drilled with holes where the tubes are inserted. The tubesheet provides structural support for the tubes and helps to maintain their alignment. It also acts as a barrier, separating the fluids in the tubes from the surrounding environment


Application of tubesheet

Tubesheets are commonly used in heat exchangers and boilers.

Some specific applications of tubesheets include:

1. Heat exchangers: Tubesheets are used in both shell-and-tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers. The tubesheets support the tubes and allow for efficient heat transfer between different fluids.

2. Boilers: Tubesheets are an essential component in boilers, specifically in the steam generation process. They separate the water and steam sections, allowing heat transfer to occur while maintaining the separation of the two phases.

3. Condensers: Tubesheets are used in condensers to support the tubes and provide a surface for effective heat exchange between the hot vapor and the cooling medium.

4. Evaporators: Tubesheets are employed in evaporators to support the tubes and facilitate the phase change from liquid to vapor.

Overall, tubesheets play a crucial role in various heat transfer equipment, ensuring efficient heat exchange and structural integrity.

And the material of the tube sheet is usually a metal alloy with good corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. YUHONG Group can produce a range of tubesheets in carbon steel, stainless steel and various alloys such as titanium, Inconel or Monel.

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